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Chroma Worldwide: International Colour Alliance

International Colour Alliance

Local service. Global reach.

Chroma has formed the International Colour Alliance. The three founding companies are Chroma Corporation of USA, Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG of Germany and Cromex of Brazil. This alliance between three privately owned and highly regarded color houses directly benefits our customers through access to reliable, consistent color and additive masterbatches from local production bases in Europe, South Africa, North America and South America.

Chroma will match your colors domestically and coordinate with our partners for cost effective, consistent products delivered to your molders in any part of the world. This service assures color consistency of your products no matter where they are produced.  When you choose Chroma Corporation as your color partner, you gain access to worldwide color resources of the highest standard 

To meet our customer's growing need for global service, the three companies share not only manufacturing and distribution resources, but also batch formulations, so you know your color will be consistent regardless of where the finished part is made. The alliance continues to strengthen with new partners that include Panacea Polymers - South Africa, IWP - Indonesia, World Pigment - Thailand, and most recently Ngai Hing Hong with four locations in China.

These color houses have a long-standing reputation for providing high quality dispersion and excellent custom formulations in pellet and liquid concentrates for polyolefin and engineering thermoplastics. Each specializes in on-the-floor technical service and tailor-made products, based upon customers' specific material and processing requirements, principally for injection molding, blow molding and sheet extrusion applications.

Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG was established in 1978 and today supplies the European and selected overseas markets from production sites in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Poland and most recently South Africa. Lifocolor provides tailor-made color concentrates, additives, and pre-colored compounds. Cromex Brancolor serves the entire South American market from three production facilities in Brazil.

Chroma Corporation provides total color solutions to its customers from its corporate headquarters in McHenry, IL USA. With over 40 years of experience, Chroma’s provides color matches and supplies custom formulated masterbatch color, dry color, additive concentrates, and pre-color compounds to the food packaging, Electronic, Safety, Automotive, Recreational, Medical and consumer Products industries.

Panacea Polymers serving South African supplies its customer base with tailor-made color compounds.

Ngai Hing Hong has over 30 years of experience in the business of pigments, masterbatches, and plastic compounds. With advanced matured computer color matching systems, advanced computerized production lines and experienced management team, Ngai Hing Hong is able to meet every need of their customers. They have the capacity of producing over 4200 metric tons of color masterbatches, pigments, compounding resins, and tailor-made engineering plastics a month. Ngai Hing Hong's manufacturing locations are located in: Quingdao City, Dongguan, Shanghai City, and Hong Kong. 

For more information or to contact any of the alliance partners visit the International Colour Alliance web site at

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