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Chroma News

Chroma Corporation is making things happen. Check this section of the site often. We frequently update our News section with new events, product information and Chroma news.

Chroma Biodegradable Master Batch for Thermoplastic Polyolefin Resins Allows Plastic Parts to Return to Nature

McHenry, IL July 1,2010 - Chroma Corporation introduces its new line of biodegradable master batches that allows processors to make standard polypropylene and polyethylene biodegradable.  The product is FDA sanctioned and RoHS directive compliant.  This new technology initiates a natural process in polypropylene and polyethylene to return the plastic back to nature.  "The advantage of Chroma's new concentrate is that processors of typical PP and PE resin can now offer biodegradable products.  The shelf life of the product can be controlled by the amount of concentrate they use.  This product allows plastics that have the biodegradable additive to also be recycled without causing damage to the recycled resin stream, which the PLA resins can cause.  Unlike PLA resins, this product can be used in standard tooling, offers enhanced physical properties and at a much lower overall costs" 

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Chroma's Phenomenal Glow Compounds

McHenry, IL- Chroma Corporation offering light stable thermoplastic glow compounds, some glow as long as 32 HOURS!

This new product offering is truly unique. The old glow materials would not glow after 100 hours of exposure to outdoor light. Chroma's new Photoluminescent products are designed for use outdoors. Some have been measured to glow for over 32+ hours! They are light stable and designed for outdoor use!

Potential applications include: Rotational molded marine navigation buoys, Injection molded EXIT signs, profile extruded strips for Exit isle delimitations, buttons on electronic devices, Dashboards, cup holders, seat belt release buttons, etc.

Imagine a product that recharges itself, requires no maintenance, cannot be accidentally turned off, and uses no light bulbs, batteries, or wiring! It is now a reality and available from Chroma Corporation.

These products start glowing as bright as a nuclear fuel rod...and our products are non-radioactive!

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Low Taste & Odor

Chroma Corporation has developed a high performance Low Taste and Odor Package that is perfect for the growing beverage market.

McHenry, IL-Chroma Corporation, supplier of master batch, liquid colorants and specialty additive packages for the thermoplastic industry, is pleased to announce the recent development of their high end Low Taste and Odor (LT&O) additive.

In the packaging industry, perfection is expected and coming up with superior products is where Chroma continues to excel. This is the consistent message that Chroma and their technical teams continue to reinforce, especially in the competitive packaging industry for bottles and closures. With over two years in development and four years in commercial use, Chroma has put together a specialized additive package that virtually eliminates T & O concerns. Chroma has followed the testing protocol of several major beverage companies that test for Taste and Odor (T & O) and have obtained favorable results for use in either liquid or pellet master batch. According to Chroma's National Sales Manager, Peter Bogle, "this product has taken off like wildfire and we are excited about the continued inquiries and successes that we are working on. Anyone that is looking for a high performance taste and odor package has to go no further than contacting Chroma Corporation". Chroma is also in development for setting up a line of standard custom colors utilizing this same high end LT&O package. In addition, Chroma is in the process of setting up their own internal taste and odor testing team which will make the ongoing testing of any new products that much easier to evaluate.

Further information on this product or other new innovative products is available by contacting the company via Phone: 877.385.8777.

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Anti-Counterfeiting Methods

MCHENRY, ILLINOIS, USA - (March 29, 2004) - With the shift of manufacturing to countries outside the U.S., counterfeiting of parts has become a serious problem. To ensure that parts are made with the materials or resins specified, Chroma Corporation is offering a traceable, anti-counterfeit technology called microtagging.

Microtagging, or the addition of minute particles called microtags to thermoplastic compounds, provides a means of identification and authentication of genuine product to address issues of counterfeiting and warranty/liability issues. "The microtag particle is essentially a unique numeric code sequence supplied in a microscopic multi-color layered format," says Sharon Ehr, Director of Color Technology and Quality for Chroma. "A specific sequence is produced for each customer and application. The sequence is certified and registered on a database and will never be used for any other purpose," Ehr added.

Anti-counterfeiting methods can be formulated to be seen by the naked eye, or to be invisible. In the case of Microtags, a simple non-destructive test involving ultraviolet light and a 100X magnifying glass is all that is needed," says Ehr, "for a customer to test the parts and find out if they contain the correct resin, compound, or alloy - or if they have been counterfeited." Depending upon the customers' needs, Chroma Corporation can also add specialty features.

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Chroma Corporation Formulates Specialty Black for 42-volt Battery Cases

Chroma Corporation, headquartered in McHenry, Illinois has developed a specialty black specifically formulated to meet the high performance demands of the 42-volt automotive battery market. This pellet concentrate product contains an ultra high dispersion of carbon black pigment virtually eliminating electrical conductive tracking (E.C.T.). For more information please contact Gary Bryan, Senior Vice President and Battery Market Coordinator by Phone Toll Free at 877.385.8777, or by E-mail at

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