Chroma Color offers a variety of custom additive solutions to enhance your product or your process.

Antiblock – Reduce surface friction allowing plastic products to separate easier.
Antifogging – Prevent film from forming on the inside of plastic packaging frequently used for food.
Antioxidant – Plastic products are susceptible to oxidation; a molecular degradation that can occur both during the production process as well as throughout a product’s life. Antioxidant additives combat this degradation and help the product maintain its form and color.
Antistatic – Prevent static charges from building up on the surface of plastic products.
Clarifying Agents for PP – Adding clarifying agents can reduce haze that often form on products made with polypropylene (PP).
Cool Colors – A line of infrared reflective (IR) colors and for use in outdoor building products.
Frosted- Achieve a high end look of frosted glass achieve up to a 90 percent cost reduction versus painted parts.
Impact Modifier – Increase a product’s elasticity and impact strength.
Light Diffused – Eliminate the “hot spot” while at the same time scattering the light and allowing more transmitted light through the part.
Matting Agents – Modify the surface of a plastic, creating a frosted or matte finish that can diffuse light or prevent glare/shine.

MicroBlok® – Offered in two variations- MicroBlok® Z (Zinc Pyrithione) and MicroBlok® S (Silver Ion) technology.
Mold Release – Keep them from sticking to the mold so they don’t hold up the production line.
Nucleating Agent – Encourage quicker crystallization of the resin, which lets the product cool faster and preserves its stability.
Optical Brightener – Can make whites and colors pop or produce a fluorescent effect that’s visible under a black light.
Slip – Reduce friction between plastics to decreases tackiness and make processing, storage and distribution easier.
Special Effect Additives – Extra-added effects that can give the most ordinary plastic item an extraordinary appeal.
Stearates – Polymers tend to get sticky Stearates can help reduce the friction between the polymer and a filler, metal or other polymer to prevent stickiness when heated above their melting temperatures.
Toner – Used to clarify a product’s color, bring a color back to neutral or make a color sharper.
UV Stabilizers – Reflect or absorb damaging UV rays, diffusing light to protect the contents inside a plastic container.