Building and Construction Products

  • Walking the International Builder show you can’t help but notice all the options available today, including the wide range of colors for each product.  You also begin to realize how many of these products are made from plastic material now compared to even 10 years ago. Molders of building and construction products know they must strategically selecting the best materials and colors for their customers in order to remain in business. Chroma Color’s team is here to help: 800-437-7012


  • The big challenge for molders is to find suppliers that can help formulate the best materials and colors for products that often come with 5 / 10 years or lifetime warranties. This is especially challenging because many of these products are placed outdoors such as siding, decking, shutters, roofing, windows, pipe & conduit, signs, road barriers, etc., where the heat, color and ultraviolet light can easily damage a product quickly.
  • Even indoor products such as flooring , wallpaper, textiles, wire & cable are subject to heavy use. They must also stand up to abuse and extended warranties use to outsell competitors
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