Chroma Color Corporation offers two types of antimicrobial master batches, MicroBlok®Z and MicroBlok®S. These master batches are comprised of either Zinc Pyrithione or Silver Ion technology.
  • Both active ingredients are registered with the EPA and have strict guidelines on use applications.
  • It is important to understand the customer’s end use application to make sure it complies with EPA application guidelines for either of our MicroBlok® products.
  • MicroBlok® master batches can be customized in many different polymer resin systems to meet customer requirements.
  • MicroBlok® master batches can be produced as a natural additive master batch or incorporated into color master batches and pre-colored compounds.
  • MicroBlok® products are intended to impede the growth of microbes and bacteria on the product’s surface and are not intended to be a substitute for good hygiene or to prevent foodborne or infectious illnesses.
  • MicroBlok® products in some cases meet FDA requirement but with restrictions and specific guidelines.
  • Chroma Color Corporation makes no specific claims of efficacy and testing should fall to the customer to test and verify on their end product.
  • In the US, as well as other countries, before a material can be sold as an anti-microbial, it must be registered with the appropriate governmental authorities. The registration number must be posted on the product label.
  • It is the responsibility of the product producers (processors, converters, or OEMs) to investigate the regulations before manufacturing items for distribution or use in any country.
  • It is a federal offense to use an antimicrobial in an unapproved manner.

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