Special Color Options


Wire & Cable

Additives: Additives including UV, AO, Foaming agents, etc. that allow Breen’s customers the ability to add superior value to their end products and improve manufacturing efficiencies.

Super Concentrates: Includes engineered super concentrates providing bright and vibrant colors, minimal let down ratios and enhanced opacity.

Special Effect Concentrates: Offers a variety of Flourescents, Pearls, Metallics and other special effect concentrates for the aesthetically critical applications.

Light Diffused

LED light sources offer many advantages including long life and low energy consumption, reduced cost, and safer (lower heat) operation. Traditionally these light sources produce a concentrated beam of light called a “hot spot”. Chroma Color Corporation provides solutions to eliminate the “hot spot” while at the same time scattering the light and allowing more transmitted light through the part.

Transparent colors in combination with the light diffusing technology are available for a variety of applications including buttons, knobs, lens colors, key pad applications, channel lettering, extruded sheet, extruded tubes used on buildings, crowns for plastic light bulbs, and any other backlit application.

Color can also be formulated to compliment the wavelength of light from either a blue, green, red, or white LED. Light Diffused additives can be supplied as a color concentrate or a pre-compounded product and can be made for use in acrylic, polycarbonate, and polyester resins.

– Eliminate “hot spots” of backlit LED Applications to transmits light.

– Scatters light eliminating hot spots of LED light sources.

– Improves light output at night and daylight contrast.

– Reduces the number of LED’s required, resulting in cost savings.

– Eliminates the need for electroforms in the tooling.

Cool Colors

Chroma Color Corporation has developed a new line of infrared reflective (IR) colors and compounds for use in outdoor building products such as; exterior building siding, composite decks, synthetic sustainable roofing shingles and other applications. This product line offers energy efficient products that absorb less energy from the sun.

Photoluminescents: Glow In The Dark

Photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark formulation compounds from Chroma Color Corporation absorbs ultraviolet rays and slowly emits a form of luminescence (light emission). In comparison with conventional glow-in-the-dark pigments, our photoluminescent compounds glow longer, brighter and with quicker activation times.

Features & Benefits:

– Compounds available to meet specific automotive glow standards for: trunk levers, key ignition surrounds, oil dip sticks, safety handles, egress lighting, and interior switches.

– Light stable formulation that some have been independently tested to have 32 hours of glow life.

– Tests conducted by an independent laboratory proved the glow longevity and brilliance of rotationally molded parts, manufactured using Glow mini pellets. These tests were performed using the specifications of the DIN 67 510 parts 1-4 glow standard.

– FDA Sanctioned Fluorescent Color Concentrates Also Available


Achieve a high end look of frosted glass, with the safety of plastics:

– Eliminates need for painting

– The new masterbatch can be formulated for, acrylic, polycarbonate, and PET.

– This masterbatch also allows the addition of special effect pigments to PET to enhance the frosted look without the streaking, pin holes and other issues often encountered when such pigments are utilized in PET.

– Cost at least 90 percent less than those that are painted, are more durable because the color is molded into the plastic and eliminates the added time and costs associated with the painting process.

– Works well in sheet extrusion and allows for frosted thermoformed containers.

– Can also be formulated with proprietary PET binder system that does not require pre-drying yet still preserves the intrinsic vicosity of the PET resin

– Permits the processors greater freedom and flexibility to retrieve color concentrates from the warehouse and immediately use on a machine with a feeder, no drying necessary!

Packaging Film

Custom formulated color to meet the most stringent market requirements.