Wire & Cable Options

Chroma Color Corporation wire and cable formulations are  highly regarded color for this marketplace.
These color formulations serve the building, automotive, electronics and telecommunications markets with standard, custom and value-added colorants that meet industry standards and speciality requirements.

PE 3500 Series:
Specifically designed for use with moisture cure crosslink compounds, including those utilizing ambient cure technologies. The carrier resin is proprietary polyethylene that has excellent performance and compatibility characteristics.
3500 Series products may also be used with conventional polyethylene compounds. These products are not recommended for use with CV XLPE compounds as the extrusion temperatures normally used in such processes are too low to adequately melt and mix these products.
3500 Series colors were developed in conjunction with Borealis® and have been approved by Borealis® for use with Visico/Ambicat® compounds. These color concentrates are designed to match designated Munsell colors, as specified within EIA-359-A “Standard Colors for Wire Identification and Color Coding, Wire and Cable Limits.” The recommended letdown level is 1% however we recommend that customers perform tests to determine the actual level of color concentrate needed for the compound(s) being used.

Munsell: Electrical, wire cable, fiber, telecom



PVDF Colors: Low Smoke applications



NEMA: Colors that offer reduced spark and improved incorporation




T1, T2 & T3: Products designed for ISO 6722 85°C, and 105°C and 125°C applications in thermoplastic and cross-link compounds for T1(85°C) automotive cables. Custom matched color concentrates are available upon request. Each color concentrate has been formulated and verified to provide minimum thermal stability of 70 minutes at 200° C. Recommended letdown ratios are between 1% and 2%. Customers are encouraged to perform tests in the specific compound(s) being used to determine the amount of color concentrate needed to attain the desired color.
Download the T1, T2, T3 Product Flyer

OM5 Option

In February of 2017, a subcommittee within the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) TR-42 committee (which develops cabling standards primarily used in North America) decided that the jacket color used to visually identify OM5 cable is lime green.
Chroma Color Corporation can produce the exact lime green color repeatedly, at the high-quality standards demanded by regulators. Chroma Color is currently one of the only suppliers of OM5 cable manufacturers that can meet this lime green standard.